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 "CFA BEST Siberian  2007/2008 & 2008/2009"

Siberian Hypo-Allergenic Cats (see below)

     We are breeders of top show quality Siberian Cats. All of our breeding cats are CFA Champions and have been tested for FIV,FeLV and DNA tested for the PKD gene. While most of our kittens are sold to pet homes, every cat would represent the  breed well in a show. During Lyudmyla's childhood in Ukraine she always had a Siberian cat for a pet and was known as the neighborhood cat mama! There is nothing better than a big loving fluffy Siberian cat to be your best friend!! Please look around our site for more information on adopting one of our loving Siberian kittens.

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     We fell in love with the Siberian color points. Our Cattery name, Sineglazka, means "Blue Eyes" in Russian. All color points have deep vivid blue eyes and our cats are well known for their exquisite blue eyes and large strong bone structure. At every show we  attend we hear many compliments and that these cats are the best Siberians they have seen! And our show ribbons prove it. Read more about past and upcoming cat shows we plann to attend.


Our Siberian Kittens

Siberian Kitten

Our Siberian Cats make the most wonderful pets, in particular for those people who have issues with cat allergies. Siberians usually produce a lower level of the Protein gene in their saliva than most cats breeds .Every cat has allergen levels. There is no such thing as a non-allergic cat. A common misconception is that allergen levels is caused by cat hair, which is why a lot of people do not believe a long hair breed, such as the siberian cat, can be hypo allergenic. Cats produce a protein in their saliva called Fel-D1. This protein contains the allergen levels. Because the cat grooms itself, the saliva, and with that the Fel-D1 protein ends up on the coat, and causes dander.
Siberians produce much less of this Fel-D1 allergen protein then any other breed. Because of this, the siberian cat is often a good choice of allergy sufferers.
. Some people will still have reations so please discuss with us if you've experienced reactions to cats.Siberians all have some degree of allergen levels, and the body needs time to adjust to that. In most cases, a kitten goes home and for about 4-6 weeks the allergic person’s body is adjusting and they may have allergy symptoms. After a 4-6 weeks they should be gone, or at least significantly taper off. When the cat starts shedding it may temporarily flare up again. An allergy test will tell you what reaction you will have short term, but to know long term, you need to have a siberian in your house for at least a month, and be prepared to give it that much time to adjust to the cat’s allergen levels.

. Read more about having one of our kittens as a pet. Or read more at Wikipedia or The Cat Fancier's Association on the nature and history of the breed. 



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