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We specialize in 100% pure-bred Siberian cats and kittens.

Hall of Fame


We are dedicated to producing the best in type and personality Siberian cats.  To accomplish this we have done extensive research before purchasing kittens for our breeding program. We have spent a lot of time on researching pedigrees, bloodlines, browsing websites, and taking trips to Moscow to  ensure our cats meet a very high standard for type and temperament. Spending a lot of money on only importing the best of the best, and then spending years and years putting all those lines together to create our own lines, trying to figure out what lines to put together to get the type of Siberians that are the closest to the natural look of their Russian ancestors.

 After we put in all our hard work on trying to produce really good type Siberians, we bring them to CFA shows to have them judged. Showing your cats and kittens means you are committed and dedication to maintain the natural beauty and integrity of our breed. It is extremely costly and time consuming. We show most of our Siberians in the kitten class to ensure they are good enough to compete with the best of them. If they tolerate showing, we show them as adults in the champion class where they must prove they are good enough to become a Grand Champion, which is a difficult process in CFA. Our Siberians have been have earned or produced the National Breed Award six of the nine years Siberians have been accepted in the Championship class since 2007. We show on a very regular basis, and our cats have produced many Grand Champions and award winning Siberian cats and kittens that we are all very proud of and are the result of years of hard work. We continue to keep striving for the best.


Our winners


Imported from Moscow October 2006

2006 Season - 2nd Best Siberian in Championship at the CFA international Nov (as an open) 

2007/2008 Season - Best Siberian in Nation CFA  


  • Earned his Grand Championship in June
  • 76 Finals 
  • 2 Best cats  
  • 8th Best cat in championship for the SW Region 
  • 109 Finals 
  • 10 Best cats 
  • Best Cat at SW Regional Show in June 
  • Best Siberian at CFA International Show in Nov
  • 7th Best cat in Championship in SW Region 
  • 50th Best Cat in Championship in Nation 
  •  Best Siberian In Nation CFA 
  • Jean has currently sired 5 grand champions 


Imported in Oct 2006

2006 Season 

2007/2008 Season

  • Best Siberian Kitten at CFA Int'l Show  
  • Best Siberian at CFA International show 
  • Became Grand Champion in March 2008 
  • 6 Finals 
  • 4th Best Siberian Nationally  CFA

   2008/2009 Season  

  • 16 Finals 
  • 5th Best Siberian in CFA 
  • 36th Best cat in Championship for SW Region 
  • Sadko has currently sired 3 Grand Champions 



First American Bred Siberian to earned the DM title in CFA

DOB May 2008 

29 Kitten Finals including 1 Best Kitten

Best Siberian Kitten in CFA  2009

CFA Champion 2/8/09

CFA Grand Champion 3/22/09

Produced 5 Grands GC,RW,BW Sineglazka It's Still Rock and Roll To Me (Billy)... Sire (Misha) 

GC Sinaglazka Milana.... Sire (Roxsolan) 

GP Sinaglakza Marko......Sire ( Tomislav) 

GP Sinaglazka Milan........Sire (Tomislav) 

GP Sineglazka Ni cholai....Sire ( Roxsolan) 


RW GC Misha Zemchug Nevy of Sineglazka

Imported from Moscow August 2008 

DOB 5/24/08

CFA Grand Champion September 2009

 23 finals

 1 Best cat 

    2nd Best Siber ian CFA 2010

    Best Siberian in Championship for SW Region 2010 

  • 24th Best Cat in Championship for SW Region 2010
  • 3rd Best Siberian in CFA 2011
  • 24th Best Cat in Championship For SW Region 2011
  • 2nd best Siberi an in South west Region 2011 



DOB 8/8/08  

2008/2009 Season 

20 Kitten Finals including 1 Best kitten

2nd Best Siberian kitten in in CFA 2008/09 

currently has 180 grand points!





DOB 4/15/09

09/10 Show Season 

  • Best Siberian kitten CFA 
  • Best Siberian Kitten for SW Region
  • 33 Kitten Finals including 1 Best Kitten
  • Best Siberian Kitten at CFA Int'l 2009 including 5/6 finals 
  • CFA Grand Champion Jan 30th 2010
  • 12 finals, 1 Best Cat
  • 4th Best Siberian CFA 
  • 26th cat in Championship for SW Region 

 2010/11 Show Season 

  • 74 Finals 
  • 2nd Best Siberian CFA  
  • Best Siberian in Championship for 
  • Southwest Region 
  • 11th Best Cat in Championship for 
  • Southwest Region 

 2011/12 Show Season, Co-Owned w/Jan Warner, Ohio 

  • Became CFA Grand Premier Oct 9th at 
  • Parma, Ohio show 

Sineglazka Nikolai Sebastien

DOB 6/23/09 

12 Kitten finals 

3 Best kitten 

3rd best in Agility ring at the San Diego show in 1/23-24  

2nd Best Sibe rian Kitten in 2009/2010   



GP Sineglazka Guardian Angel

(owned by Jan Warner,Ohio)            

 DOB  2/10/10 

17 kitten Finals 

4th Best Siberian Kitten in CFA 10/11 season 

Best Siberian kitten in Region 4 

5 premier finals including 2 BEST cat 

Became a Grand Premier on 1/1/11 

9th best Siberian Premier in CFA 

Best Siberian premier in Region 4  

GP Sineglazka Tigr (Frank)

(Owned by Jessica & Jeff eidman)  

DOB   2/24/09 

19th Best Siberian Premier in CFA    2011

Became Grand Premier 11/20/10

3rd best Siberian premier in Region 2          



PR Sineglazka Primo

(owned by Heather & Steve,CA)            

DOB  2/24/09 

Became Premier October 2010 

4th best Siberian premier in Region 2  







GC RW BW Sineglazka It's Still Rock and Roll 2 Me AKA "Billy"

(owned by Jan Warner,Ohio) 

DOB 1/25/11   

2011/2012 Season 

  • 45 Kitten Finals 
  • 4 Best kitten 
  • 15th Best kitten in Region 4
  • Became aCFA Grand champion 11/5/11

2012/2013 Season

  • 76 Finals 
  • 5 Best cat
  • 11th best in  Championship Region 4
  • CFA Best Sibe rian


GP RW Sineglazka "Oh, What a night"  AKA "Fabio"  

 (owned by Jan Warner,Ohio) 

 DOB 10/07/10   

2012/2013 show season, CFA BestSiberian Premier

57 finals, 19th Best Premier in Region 4


CFA BestSiberian Premier

GC Sineglazka Milovica 

DOB 12/17/12 

2013/2014 show season

1 Best Kitten

CFA G eand 10/05/13






GP Sineglazka Milan 

DOB 06/24/12








GC Sineglazka Marko

DOB 06/24/12



GC Sineglazka Nicholai




CH Sineglazka Anisiya

DOB Sept 2007

17 Kitten Finals

5t h best Siberian Kitten CFA 2008