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We specialize in 100% pure-bred Siberian cats and kittens.

Our Story


Meet the Breeds in Madison Square Garden

Meet the Breeds in Madison Square Garden

We are a small hobby/serious breeder of top show quality Siberian Cats. We have been successfully breeding and showing Champion Siberian cats since 2006.

Our goal is to breed exceptional, healthy, temperamentally sound Siberians conform the breed standard, true to their beautiful Russian ancestors. We work hard to maintain he natural integrity, beauty and health of this magnificent breed. We carefully select the cats and bloodlines we work with and test for genetic illnesses known to the breed, to ensure the health of our cats and kittens. We focus on quality and not on quantity, which is why we do not always have kittens available. We usually only breed twice per year early summer and late winter.

During Lyudmyla's childhood in Ukraine she always had a Siberian cat for a playmate and was know as the neighborhood cat mama! 

We fell in love with the color points. Our Cattery name Sineglazka this means Blue Eyes in Russian. Which all true color points have deep vivid blue eyes.

We imported five cats/kittens in October 2006 to begin our breeding program. Throughout the years since, we have selectively chosen the best of our imports and our kittens to improve these lines. we have impoted many cats and added cats to our breeding program reguardless of color to improve health,srtucture and the overall Siberin breed.  Our cats have in their pedigrees the well known World Champion colorpoint cats of Stepan, Morris, Selivestr, Buket, Whiskas, Assol, Tigr and many more Int, European champion cats.



Our cattery and cats are registered with CFA and TICA and we began showing our two males Jean and Sadko at the CFA International show in Nov 2006 and will continue in the following years to share with the US public these beautiful cats we have been blessed with.